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Chief Executive’s Delivery Unit

Roretti was asked to help establish the new Chief Executive’s Delivery Unit (CEDU).  We adapted the methods used by the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit to help establish the CEDU as a team that would help the chief Executive, Board, Leader and Cabinet to improve delivery of core local authority services.

What we did

Roretti helped recruit a small team from inside and outside the Council.  We helped the team develop a methodology and tools to diagnose problems in service delivery and then help services to improve.  These included:


  • A tool to assess the strength of existing delivery plans across the organisation 

  • A new methodology for undertaking deep dive reviews over a six-week period, to help services understand why delivery was challenging and what could be improved

  • An approach for using data and analysis to understand delivery challenges better and guide decision-making

  • Regular stocktakes with the CEO and elected members to provide oversight of CEDU work and focus on the progress of agreed improvements 


We then worked alongside the new team to help them deliver two deep-dive reviews:


  • Waste collection - to help the waste service understand why missed collections were taking place and what actions needed to be taken to improve first-time collections and reduce complaints

  • Poverty - to better understand the impact of Covid-19 and subsequent government funding on communities, and what was needed to sustain the support provided during the pandemic

The outcome

The CEDU is now an established team at the corporate centre of the City Council, with a substantive team in place to provide challenge and support to other services that need help to improve their delivery.

"The tools and methods that Roretti brought enabled me to understand why service delivery was challenging for some areas and what we could do to improve it.  The CEDU is now a permanent fixture of my team and is adding significant value to the Council’s improvement agenda. 


Sanjay was clear on delivery from the start and made something tricky all seem very easy and smooth!"

Deborah Cadman, Chief Executive

"Roretti did a great job in establishing the unit and supporting us to produce two outstanding pieces of work. 


Sanjay was flexible in his approach and was patient, tolerant and very professional; a pleasure to work with!  I would happily recommend Roretti and look forward to working with them again in the near future."

Meena Kishinani, Director of Transformation

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