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Recovery & Renewal following Covid-19

Roretti was engaged by Haringey Council, London, to develop a framework for ‘recovery and renewal’ of Council services following the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Council had developed a new 4-year corporate plan and medium-term financial strategy in 2019 but after some positive relationship building with residents during the first wave of the pandemic, the organisation felt it needed to revise its focus to reflect changing resident priorities, plus deal with pressure on its budget.

What we did

We worked closely with the Policy, Corporate PMO and Finance teams along with wider staff, residents and partners to help the organisation reflect on how Covid-19 had changed the services they delivered, what they wanted to do differently going forward, and how they would make additional savings to ensure the Council delivered a balanced budget.  We helped the Council deliver the following:



We developed a two-phased approach and toolkit that supported the organisation to: 1) reflect on its strategic priorities and what had changed for operational services, supported by data, evidence and insight from residents; and 2) put together proposals for service redesign, workforce planning and savings proposals


Workforce development

We worked alongside the Policy, Corporate PMO and Finance teams to upskill them in developing and using the toolkit, so that when we left they could take a similar approach in future

Social value

We helped establish a new Citizen’s Panel of over 1,000 local residents to enable communities to participate in the forthcoming changes that the Council needed to make.  We also supported the Policy team to publish a Community Impact Assessment setting out the data and evidence on what had changed for local people, as a basis for reshaping Council services.

The outcome

The recovery and renewal plan and revised budget for 2021/22 was adopted by the Council’s Cabinet in December 2020.

"Roretti’s adaptable framework meant we could adjust the approach when early efforts were not sufficient to draw people into more innovative thinking.  It also allowed us to flex the tools to specific audiences, drawing them into the process voluntarily and creating a commitment to change that put us in a strong position to mobilise key projects at the point where the budget was approved.


Roretti also managed much of the relationship and communication with both Cabinet and ward councillors and showed a sensitivity to political issues.


The projects data and insight products have become mainstays of organisational planning, which are now serving as the basis for future budget planning."

Richard Grice, Director for Customers, Transformation & Resources

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