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Adult social care improvement programme

Roretti was commissioned to help the Executive Director of Adults & Health (DASS) Social Services and his senior team develop and deliver a programme of work that would form the basis for longer term improvement.

What we did

Adult social care strategy

We helped co-design a new longer term strategy for adult social care, collaboratively with staff, partners, customers and carers.  We designed the approach and convened a small team of existing staff who, through 10 workshops, 10 focus groups and a survey that prompted over 1,000 responses from customers, carers and staff, were able to develop a 4-year strategy based on the voices of the people who receive care.​

Programme governance

We helped establish a new PMO including recruiting and training new staff.  We also established governance and supporting processes to oversee existing change activity and enable better decision-making for the department.

Population needs analysis

We brought together Council-owned and open source data to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the local population, projecting 5-10 years ahead to help with long-term service planning

Project support

We put in place project management for high profile projects that needed urgent support, for example a project to improve the process for supporting young people to transition safely from children’s services to adult services

Commissioning review

We undertook a review of ‘people’ commissioning to assess the strength of strategic and operational commissioning activity in adult services, children’s services, public health and communities

The outcome

The adult social care strategy - ‘The life you want to lead’ - was agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in February 2021 and is available here. The Commissioning Review and new programme has enabled strong grip and better planning of the budget and change activity, and the population analysis is enabling strategic commissioners to understand what is required from the care market over the longer term.

“The Roretti team have helped me put in place the foundations for longer term improvement and supported the development of the skills and competence we will need for the future.  The team took the time to listen and shape their support to exactly what we needed and worked closely with staff and external partners to bring them along the journey.  My team and I are delighted with the work Roretti have delivered.”

Keith Hinkley, Executive Director for Adults & Health 

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