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Corporate infrastructure

Roretti was commissioned by the Chief Executive to work with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), Leader and Cabinet to support the development of a new corporate plan, business planning framework and corporate performance framework.

What we did

Corporate plan

We worked with ELT, elected members and existing staff in the policy, performance, communications, finance, HR and programme teams to collaboratively support the organisation to develop a plan that focused on achieving 5 key priorities for the county.  Together we supported teams across the Council to develop content, key performance indicators and targets to form the plan.

Business plans

Working with the same corporate teams, we developed a new structure for business planning that would enable teams across the Council to set out how they would deliver their commitments in the corporate plan over the coming year and how they would invest their budget to support delivery.

Corporate performance framework

We worked with the corporate performance and finance teams to develop a new approach to monitoring the KPIs in the corporate plan, the Council's budget, corporate risks and workforce planning.

The outcome

The corporate plan - ‘Our Council Plan 2021-25’- was agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in February 2021 and is available to view by clicking here.  Business plans were produced by the entire organisation by March 2021.  The corporate performance framework was in place by June 2021 and is now monitoring corporate performance on a quarterly basis.

"Roretti’s work helped us bring evidence, order, challenge and structure to the development of our corporate plan, business planning and performance framework. Their work was of the highest quality, not just in relation to the final product but also in their approach to the work.


They built ownership of the process and plan in staff, elected members local stakeholders, and the work was done in partnership with our corporate teams, meaning skills and capacity was built and remains in the authority.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roretti."

Becky Shaw, Chief Executive

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