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Building Back Better: How Haringey Council Reimagined Services After COVID-19

Framework development | Resident engagement | Stakeholder engagement | Service delivery planning | Service redesign | Savings

The ‘Why’

When the pandemic hit, Haringey Council knew their services needed to adapt. Resident priorities were changing, budgets were tighter, and the strong relationships built during the initial lockdown needed to be leveraged for the future. Taking a proactive approach, they came to Roretti for help creating a framework for "recovery and renewal" – a plan that addressed these challenges while staying aligned with the council's existing 4-year plan and financial strategies.


What we did

Collaboration: We worked together with staff across the council, residents and partners to understand the Council’s current service delivery approach and identified areas where the pandemic had shifted service demands.

  • Building the toolkit : We developed a two-part plan and accompanying toolkit. This toolkit helped the council re-evaluate their strategic goals and adapt service delivery plans in light of the pandemic's impact. It also helped develop well-founded proposals for service redesign, workforce planning, and cost savings.

  • Workforce development: We implemented a training programme to upskill staff in developing and using the toolkit, to ensure the Council has access internally to resource capable of delivering a similar approach in the future.

  • Stakeholder Management: Drawing from our experience as former public servants, we managed the relationship and communication with both Cabinet and ward Councillors.

  • Resident Co-production: We established a new Citizen’s Panel of over 1000 local residents, providing a platform for communities to co-produce the changes to services.


The Outcomes

  • Savings: Our work helped identify areas of cost savings to support the Council to deliver a balanced budget during a period of uncertainty and beyond.

  • Tailored Toolkit: The newly developed toolkit is adaptable and sustainable. Its design ensures data, evidence and insight from residents, is at the core of future proposals as the Council recovers and stabilises following COVID-19.

  • Over the line:The recovery and renewal plan was agreed and the revised budget for 21/22 was adopted by the Council’s Cabinet in December 2020.

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