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Our People

We're public servants.

Just like you. 

We understand your world because we've been there. Our people are former public servants from different parts of public services – from the Civil Service and NHS to local government and housing associations and everything in between.

That's why we don't just offer solutions. As former employees we've felt the pressure of tight budgets, rising demand for public services and the urgency of demanding timelines. Our empathy runs deep because we share your experiences.


We do more than just offer answers. We ask the right questions to unlock potential within your teams, building capacity and upskilling your people. This translates into tangible outcomes you can celebrate.


Passion fuels our expertise. Public service isn't just a job; it's the fire that drives us to push for a better future.

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Our team of former public servants have skills and experience in the following areas:

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Corporate strategy & delivery

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Adult & children's services commissioning, operational service design & delivery, health & care integration

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Leadership & workforce development

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Programme & project management

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CQC & OFSTED visit preparation

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Medium-term financial strategy development

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Business & financial analysis

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Strategic reviews & evaluation

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Co-design, co-production and community engagement

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Meet Sanjay,

our founder & Managing Director

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