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From Vision to Action: Delivering West Sussex's Strategic Plan

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The 'Why'

West Sussex County Council commissioned Roretti to work with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), Leader and Cabinet to develop a new corporate plan, business planning framework and corporate performance framework to set out the strategic direction of the council.


What we did

  • Staff Engagement: we worked closely with the ELT, elected members, and staff across all council directorates to identify 5 key priorities that reflected the needs of the county to form the foundation of the corporate strategy.

  • Business Plans: to ensure the new corporate plan would be fit for purpose and enable staff in different areas to deliver their commitments, we worked with corporate teams to develop a new structure for business planning. The new structure ensured robust approach to delivering the new corporate plan and made clear how budget allocations would be used to support delivery.

  • ·Corporate Performance Framework: We collaborated with the corporate performance and finance teams to develop a new corporate performance framework. This framework streamlines monitoring of KPIs set out in the council's plan, budget, risk assessments, and workforce planning documents.




  • ‘Our Council Plan 2021-25’: The new corporate plan, Our Council Plan 2021-25, was agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in February 2021.

  • New Frameworks: A new corporate performance framework was implemented in June 2021 to support the monitoring of projects set out under the new structure for business planning.

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