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Southwark 2030: A New Borough Plan

Borough plan | Strategy | Engagement

The ‘Why’

Southwark Council were keen to build on its understanding of the strengths of the borough and the excellent partnerships formed during the pandemic to bring partners, residents, staff and businesses together to build a shared vision for the borough in 2030.

What We Did

  • Co-designed the framework for engagement: We gathered a group of staff, businesses, partners and residents together to develop the approach to engagement for the work.  This was supported by establishing partner governance to oversee the work.

  • Engagement – we undertook extensive engagement:

    • Conversation events: 250 people attended 8 engagement events across the borough.

    • Listening events: Over 800 people contributed through 37 existing events, meetings and forums using a listening toolkit designed with local people.

    • Survey: Over 1200 people responded to a public service, including easy-read version.

  • Testing what we heard: We gathered together 8 themes from the engagement activity and tested these through feedback via the website and a further 4 public events.

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