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Tailored consultancy for public services from people who listen and understand what you need.

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Roretti was established by Sanjay Mackintosh in 2019. The name is inspired by his children, Rory and Esther. Children have an amazing ability to ask the most simple but incisive questions to try and understand the most complex of things.  And that is how Roretti works.


We take the time to ask the right questions, listen and understand what our clients want to achieve, before offering ideas, insight and expertise. We then work together to identify their needs and put a team in place with the skills and experience to help them deliver. 

We’re very much of the progress not perfection mindset and see our role at Roretti as supporting organisations throughout their journeys to achieve outcomes that develop and grow their organisation.

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"Roretti’s work was of the highest quality, not just in relation to the final product but also in their approach."

Becky Shaw, Chief Executive, West Sussex County Council


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