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Sanjay Mackintosh

Managing Director

About Sanjay

Sanjay spent his career in senior policy, strategy, performance and programme delivery roles in the NHS, civil service and local government.  

He spent eight years in the health sector working in the Department of Health and Social Care, primary and secondary care organisations, special health authorities and at sub-regional level leading health and care integration.  In his four years as a civil servant, he worked on economic crime policy for the Home Office, a national youth programme for the Cabinet Office, and ran the office of the Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary during the formation of the coalition government in 2010.

His local government experience includes working for Barnet, Enfield, Haringey Camden and Islington Councils leading the development of corporate plans and strategies; medium term financial strategies; corporate performance frameworks; health and care strategic commissioning; and community engagement including co-design, co-production and participation. 



Mobile: 07736 282640

LinkedIn: Sanjay Mackintosh

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